Food Trucks

I think they started showing up less than a year ago. First LA, then NY; and from a gastronomic fad it has turned into a cultural phenomenon…and I can’t get enough of these food trucks! The food is fantastic, the settings are perfect (no tables! no waiters! no walls!) and the marketing is just so much fun! Waffles & Dinges or the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck are simply hysterical. Not to mention the stunts: when would you see Alain Ducasse cooking inside a truck, with Daniel Bouloud or Michael White beside him doing their own edibles for the masses? I really love it, and feel that I’m witnessing art and culture rolling down the streets of NY, LA…. But really they’re all over now.

blue toenails?


Not sure if it’s the frenzi caused by the weather – gorgeous crisp spring days — or an inner punk burst in the female population, but there’s a fashion faux-pas taking the streets of New York that…jeez…. it’s terribly ugly. Blue toe nails?!? I thought the 70’s was the era that taste forgot, not 2010! Sadly the phenomena is not among teenagers, but Gen X and above! Well…. for what Picture 3its worth lady… it’s not flattering. It’s tacky, juvenile and ridiculous. But then this is America and style is overshadowed by exhibitionism when it comes to fashion, with no historic reference, or personal touches of class. So I guess blue toe nails feels like buying an I-pad: instant gratification, the ticket to jump on the bandwagon. Oh well. My little protest.

the year that was

So here I am looking back at the year and before I start reading the Best of’s lists, choosing best flicks and great songs, I ponder about this country, and… oh boy….the year that was! I realize I live  in a country where its congress investigates social climbing and party crashing in Washington, as well as if chimps are pets to be kept at home (after one was accused of improper behavior), while the economy is still in the slumps, and unemployment rates soar. I live in a place where hordes stare in front of the TV after a father pimped the image of his child pretending he was lost in a balloon in the sky. I see the new york media thrive in unemployment publishing its meaty Daily Gloom for everyone to suck on. New York! who knew!?! after having gone through the worst, where’s the spirit for chrissake? Maybe I am an optimist being realistic, certainly am not a pessimist. But ah….the irony.  It’s been a year of Bernie Maddof. And me, a highly qualified, exceptionally talented, and kick ass amazing executive over a year unemployed.  I do look forward though and expect the best. And my name is Candide and I live in the best of worlds (grin). Well for the first time in many years I focused on personal relationships, something that was in the back seat. I’m living the most challenging relationship ever, where I get to discuss everything and all things, and that is great and exhausting at times. It is intimidating to unprepared men. It is adult and it is humane. I can easily state that I, we, grew as human beings, and hopefully will have a wonderful continuum….. He lies.