Global Civic Media

In the past year, as I moved and changed cities, houses, jobs and lifestyles, my personal chaos brought me closer to learning about civic spaces, human social interactions, physical computing, and the ‘telematic’. With time off and living in New York, I now observe this babel’s life style evolving at an astronomical pace, developing and mashing up different forms of technology and infrastructure. It’s like living a modernist painting. However instead of being a spectator, raising questions, searching for answers, and having endless conversations with my partner about the medium and all things around us, we decided to form a collaborative work environment, creating an NGO called “Global Civic Media”.

It’s exciting. I never thought about forming an NGO; even after nine years at MTV, where I had the chance to learn how hungry of knowledge is youth, and how corporations make a difference simply by creating relevant content. MTV is great at it with all of its pro-social initiatives. My partner is a (brilliant) university professor specialized in media studies, design, social computing, and internet anthropology. His creative body of work is impressive and his projected environment learning spaces are fresh and wildly innovative, as they deconstruct traditional aesthetics while integrating the new media. And since we’re both world travelers; the idea of creating a discussion forum to establish a curriculum and pedagogy of the new global civic culture came seamless.

Email is a funny thing. Conversation is king, content is something to talk about. We list words, pictures, theories, aesthetics. We want to aggregate it all in social media. What are the polarities between the individual and the environment? Are we mere sheep? Is our body a mere technology? Why is Thoreau so contemporary? Technology transcends human limitations but what is truly fulfilling? Before it was a clock in the continuum. Should we make small paradises within the large failures? Wikinomics make failure. What keeps me young? What is truly a global message? We’re civic critics of people who attempt to make nothing but memes through spectacle.

This was the basis of our decision to form Global Civic Media. We’ll be devoted to the study of the new emergent an interconnected media forms globally; the delivery systems in mobile computing, projection or immersive form; and developing programs to forge and establish links and systems for the creation of a global civic culture. We’ll use the new mathematics of social computing and emergent systems as a form of ‘organic’ self-management.

We also plan to study practices of the theories of cooperation; devise methods of translation of older curriculum to newer media forms and deliveries, provide exchange systems…. In short, exchange and enrich our knowledge in education and media with different partnerships throughout the world.

The modernist painting is the artifact of the ‘tragic individual’ as the blue chip stock in trying…we are the examples of the successful presence….worthy to be observed and changed into memes. We are welded into the memes of the institutions, which has the function to ‘launder’ the pyramid scheme of a market society. We then can create pyramid schemes of the civic culture.