transformations of intimacy

I am reading a brilliant book, Transformation of Intimacy, by Anthony Giddens. And as I dwell on his premise of confluent love and pure relationship, I think of Heidegger’s fundamental ‘just being’ that we strive daily as an oppressive mandate… It is modernity at its best, being it the struggle to relate or to find peace of mind through meditation, yoga, love. Pure relationships do not exist without communication; self-autonomy, and the democratization of the personal life. The possibility of intimacy means the promise of democracy.
We do live for the ‘time being’…. in love relationships, business associations, solitude and hope. The challenge is to accept what is not our will – but then what moves us if not our will? – and accept what we cannot change. Being is always and only being in time, and time is nothing other than being.  It’s only the acceptance of each and every day as is that brings us peace of mind; and not some major event that usually catches us by surprise and works as a wake up call… Happens that it’s the only way to find self and quiet the mind. As people, jobs, and cities come into our lives, one strives to understand why, and why things happen the way they do, instead of just let the feeling flow, the being be….  . Nothing disturbs feeling so much as thinking. Ugh… My mind is wandering.

Rio 2016

This is a great video marketing Rio as a candidate to host 2016 Olympics. Showing the master plan for the construction of venues and sites where the games will be held, it has great graphics; but more than that it highlights the best of what Rio de Janeiro still has to offer: the breathtaking images of a beautiful city.