oh wow Art Basel I

Rainbow City is an environmental installation aiming interaction, ritual, and play. Inspired by Holi, a festival effectuated by Hindu followers throwing brightly colored water and powder at each other, FriendsWithYou will show a collection of mutable, air-filled colored sculptures. The individual structures are simple, minimal forms, borrowing aesthetics from toy-like geometry and design, which tower over guests, as each element’s height ranges from ten to forty feet. The gigantic sculptures dwarfs down man to trigger reverence. They also “embrace” visitors, while repetitive sound elements enhance the sensory experience. Surreal, psychedelic,  and ludic. Unmissable.

By FriendsWithYou in association with OHWOW and Dacra
December 2 – December 5, 2010
3800 NE 1 Avenue / Miami Design District / Florida / 33137