pepsi goes vintage

Promising a limited run for months now, Pepsi is back with the Throwback. This time in an all stylish vintage campaign, cleverly launched among the 70’s shows of Hulu, like Mary Tyler Moore and Battlestar Gallactica. There are 11 ads in total, that might have cost 50 bucks each, with props that range from polaroid camera,  groovy typography, transistor TV to the lava lamp on hooked tone-sur-tone rug.  Limited time only. And called throwback because it uses sugar instead of high frutose corn syrup. Hadn’t the tsunami hit Japan and a nuclear plant exploded, nostalgia would always be a good thing.


I just flew from Chile to Argentina, excited I was to fly over La Cordillera de los Andes, see how majestic it is from above, remember the horrendous cannibal survival story I read in the 70’s, fantasize of road trips, motorcycles, snowed peaks and sunsets.  The flight over it lasted just 10 minutes; but because it’s the longest mountain range in the world, second highest, it felt more dramatic… it was pretty impressive. Right after came Mendoza,  Argentina, a region with warm, dry climate, producing the notorious Malbec grapes that, who knew,  I would come to praise.

Mendoza made a name for itself in the past 10-20 years, putting Argentina on the international wine map, to rave reviews and die hard fans. The malbec grapes ripe perfectly in the dry weather, resulting in a rich velvety wine frequently compared to Bordeaux.  I thought the only region in south america that would produce wine was where I was born (Rio Grande do Sul) but with volume available, and a gigantic unexplored market pressuring for quality , chileans and argentines figured out they had a profitable natural resource. Yes, who knew.

After a few days of work in Buenos Aires, my dear colleague gave me a belated birthday present that coincidentally was a bottle of Malbec (he’s argentine). Another surprise: a dessert Malbec amusingly called Malamado (unloved) that tastes like a spicy ruby port… I loved it.

This Malbec comes from a traditional family of producers from Maipu in Mendoza, the Zuccardis. Grapes are handpicked,  wine is estate produced in a state-of-the-art facility, and they have thousands of acres of grapes. I’ll go there next time. For now I like to think it’s what pushing me to make peace with the roots….  the colors, the land, the habits, the habits and the wine… Malamado is just fabulous.


the google of recipes

So somebody finally did it! An aggregator-type site that sweeps the web in search of recipes, and all things kitchen. It was created by two Yahoo veterans who searched for a 5MM VC investment to take it off the ground. And they did. In times of social networks and be-friend-me-or not, you can even browse chef’s recipes.

It is very similar of my own idea of aggregating apps. When Apple made all that fuss about having downloaded a gazillion apps, I went, “why?” So in search of someone that told me why did I need an app, and among so many, which ones, I created Apploaded with a group of friends. The phone is an extension of your life today, and it’s called a smartphone not for no reason. so we worked on it for over a year, no pay, long hours, and we did all the homework, including the business plan. I learned all about apps. But the project is a source of frustration now because it never took off. Main partner was a buddhist constantly in retreats, GM a stoner in california, the other partner a clueless academic… oh well. It is currently filed under the shoulda, woulda, coulda….