Khaled is Back!

The first time I heard Khaled was with Didi, an infectious tune impossible to resist. He was still Cheb Khaled, very appropriately: Cheb in Argelia means “young”. Young Khaled would make us dance at the first notes, arms up and belly dance hips….good times indeed! Didi, Didi…. 15 years later, while browsing French TV channels on my way back from MIPCOM, I stopped at this video, instantly hooked. ‘I know this’, I thought. ‘I know this groove, wait! I know this face!’ Credits confirmed it was my favorite Argelian pop singer, charismatic Khaled, with another sticky tune so typical of french radio summer hits. The new album is great, entirely.  C’Est La Vie, first single and album title, is produced by RedOne, the sweedish-moroccan that even Lady Gaga has booked. It’s Khaled at his best. Wish I could see him live. And dance like way back then.