Best in Show

tv1It’s December and the avalanche of Top 10 lists in the trades indicate a much needed Holiday break. However, there’s so much good TV that I don’t think I’ll have one this year, since I have to catch up with what I didn’t see (like How to Get Away with Murder, and Olive Kitteridge, just to name a couple). So here’s my own Best of and a few links of lists I actually like.
The Americans on FX is probably one of the best dramas on TV and this season was great.
Fargo was downright excellent.
Homeland is back! And what a comeback!
The Good Wife will be good forever, it seems.
Rectify is the quintessential slow-TV, but it is really good, although not in HD.
The Honorable Woman was excellent.
Game of Thrones is addictive.
The Affair is fantastic, a great storytelling format, deep thought provoking narrative in so many ways.
Master of Sex has high and lows, but it’s overall good.
Silicon Valley was a pleasant surprise.
And in the category não-vi-e-não gostei,i.e., rejecting-it-before-I-had-even-seen-it: Jane The Virgin is just a great series, and Transparent, an amazing surprise.
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History was lengthy, and interesting, and captivating. The type of thing I would like to do one day.
Fortunately the (comedy) Newsroom is over. The overrated and boring True Detective will probably keep up the hype, and The Leftovers was interesting, albeit incomprehensible. All the new comedies were crap, Scandal sits alone in the category over-the-top-soap, and the female presidents won’t last.

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