blue toenails?


Not sure if it’s the frenzi caused by the weather – gorgeous crisp spring days — or an inner punk burst in the female population, but there’s a fashion faux-pas taking the streets of New York that…jeez…. it’s terribly ugly. Blue toe nails?!? I thought the 70’s was the era that taste forgot, not 2010! Sadly the phenomena is not among teenagers, but Gen X and above! Well…. for what Picture 3its worth lady… it’s not flattering. It’s tacky, juvenile and ridiculous. But then this is America and style is overshadowed by exhibitionism when it comes to fashion, with no historic reference, or personal touches of class. So I guess blue toe nails feels like buying an I-pad: instant gratification, the ticket to jump on the bandwagon. Oh well. My little protest.

doodle logo

Came to me as a surprise to see the creatives at Google intellectualizing they’re play with the logo as something pioneer and avant-guard. How fast can one forget MTV? One of the most powerful connections with youth was the irreverent play with the identity of the brand… the sacred logo! It was fun and it was the rise of the MTV merchandising. We’d kill for a unique t-shirt circa 87 no? So …no… Google Doodle is not a pioneer project.  Equally fun and equally creative; but far from original.

grafitti art

They are from Israel and filmed a street art project over a three-day period and created a stop motion video of how they did it, so that you can follow along step by step should you want to try. Grafitti in Sao Paulo is reaching proportions of major contemporary art manifestations…Another Brazil export coming up?

unplugging is the new black

After being wired online for so many years, becoming adept, addicted, supporter, critic, I am, together with an army of like-minded people making the effort to unplug.The poweful blackberry re-shaped the brain, and changed our attention span, the Iphone and every other smart phone is currently an extension of my arm because “I am what I app”…. But abroad and incommunicado I unplug and it feels good. Like ending a bad romance, it was inevitable that one day we’d start to say “enough is enough.” WhY? what is scarier: that big brother is watching, that someone will hack into my email or that I jump onto the band wagon like sheep? Unplug is the new black. After a character in Greenberg decides that “she’ll try to get off email”, it’s time to praise the National Day of Unplugging (March 19 to sundown of March 20) when participants were asked to put technological devices to sleep and reconnect to the real world.

umami, the fifth flavor

Chegou a vez do umami assolar a colonia gastronomica mundial. É o trend de 2010, e vem fascinando igualmente chefs, foodies e químicos que o descrevem como o “quinto sabor”.  A palavra vem do japonês “umai”, que significa delicia, e “mi” que significa essência. E é aquele sabor além do doce, salgado, amargo e azedo.  Já foi definido como rico, carnudo, saboroso, ou terreno, e pode ser descrito como um gosto que se sente ao comer cogumelos, queijo parmeggiano, aspargos, alguns tipos de peixe, algas marinhas, etc. Umami contem glutamato, um aminoacido que ao se misturar com outros sabores faz com que um outro sabor que não se descreve cresça mais….o “umami”. Nos EUA já exitem restaurantes com umami burgers, mas em Londres será vendido em pasta…tubos de “quinto sabor”. Veja mais no