The Future of TV

On the same day that Fox became the first broadcast network to announce that it will not acknowledge or release ratings for live and same day airings for its shows — figures increasingly irrelevant with streaming and DVR, NCTA released a very captious video: Apps Are the Future of TV. It’s not very different from what Apple TV already does….

the google of recipes

So somebody finally did it! An aggregator-type site that sweeps the web in search of recipes, and all things kitchen. It was created by two Yahoo veterans who searched for a 5MM VC investment to take it off the ground. And they did. In times of social networks and be-friend-me-or not, you can even browse chef’s recipes.

It is very similar of my own idea of aggregating apps. When Apple made all that fuss about having downloaded a gazillion apps, I went, “why?” So in search of someone that told me why did I need an app, and among so many, which ones, I created Apploaded with a group of friends. The phone is an extension of your life today, and it’s called a smartphone not for no reason. so we worked on it for over a year, no pay, long hours, and we did all the homework, including the business plan. I learned all about apps. But the project is a source of frustration now because it never took off. Main partner was a buddhist constantly in retreats, GM a stoner in california, the other partner a clueless academic… oh well. It is currently filed under the shoulda, woulda, coulda….

Apple Evil Jobs

We’re in a recession, watching foreclosures all across the country , scary steady job losses, trying to be resilient to a persist gloomy atmosphere. However Apple reports the company’s most profitable quarter thanks to record sales of iPhones and Macintosh computers.  They’ve sold more iphones and macs than ever, which can be attributed as a direct result of Steve Jobs appearance in the limelight again,  in addition to the blooming of a mobile culture. I focus on him. He has done magic to his company. Consumers look for brands that help them connect. People naturally gravitate toward brand categories that can help them converse and connect with others.  And that Apple has done very well, with impeccable design, innovator style, friendly usability and at the front of the modern life electronic gadgets. But is there a morbid fascination by the appearance of an ailing Jobs?  Isn’t this overwhelming response a way to monopoly? Why can’t we have a variety of gadgets under the same system? Why are we obliged to upgrade every 2 months? Why can’t my blackberry sync with my mac? Why does the 3.0 overshadows the 2.0 and I can’t move forward without it? Why can’t I open numbers on google docs? Is this plain evil selvage capitalism?