the kids are not alright

Every now and then my doctor in LA shares little pieces of wisdom with her patients. Recently she showed us an article from The New England Journal of Medicine titled “Hunger and Socioeconomic Disparities in Chronic Disease.”  The number of US households whose members are at risk for hunger because of an inability to afford food (food insecurity) has risen. The rate was 32% in 2008 and is higher each year. In 2008, 21% of US households with children were classified as lacking food security. Because of their inability to afford healthy food, the members of these households had to resort to buying the cheapest calorie-dense products, i.e. food with added sugar, fats and sodium. The authors pointed out that $1 can purchase either 1200 calories of cookies or potato chips or 250 calories of carrots. As a result of these more affordable and abundantly advertised products, the parents and, of course, their children risk obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other diet–sensitive chronic diseases. Confronting food insecurity and making healthful food affordable will help prevent an enormous future burden of disease. The number of children and adults who may be destined to develop chronic disease in the US as a result of an inability to afford appropriate nutrition shames all of us!

Apple Evil Jobs

We’re in a recession, watching foreclosures all across the country , scary steady job losses, trying to be resilient to a persist gloomy atmosphere. However Apple reports the company’s most profitable quarter thanks to record sales of iPhones and Macintosh computers.  They’ve sold more iphones and macs than ever, which can be attributed as a direct result of Steve Jobs appearance in the limelight again,  in addition to the blooming of a mobile culture. I focus on him. He has done magic to his company. Consumers look for brands that help them connect. People naturally gravitate toward brand categories that can help them converse and connect with others.  And that Apple has done very well, with impeccable design, innovator style, friendly usability and at the front of the modern life electronic gadgets. But is there a morbid fascination by the appearance of an ailing Jobs?  Isn’t this overwhelming response a way to monopoly? Why can’t we have a variety of gadgets under the same system? Why are we obliged to upgrade every 2 months? Why can’t my blackberry sync with my mac? Why does the 3.0 overshadows the 2.0 and I can’t move forward without it? Why can’t I open numbers on google docs? Is this plain evil selvage capitalism?