Quem disse que You Tube é só para videos de gatinhos serelepes e cachorros semi-histéricos? Indeed, a plataforma de video que possibilitou canais inteligentes (como o SciShow e o Intelligent Channel) também chegou na cozinha. Tastemade, que acabou de ter uma injeção de capital de 10 milhões de dólares, não vai demorar muito para se tornar a Food Network da era digital.  Tastemade tem 100 canais feitos com uma curadoria super atenciosa, totalmente voltada para videos de receitas. A rede até oferece treinamento em artes culinárias para seus criadores de video. Assim garantem o padrão estético.
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Carlota’s Flavors of Brazil

Carlota is a restaurant that became a mandatory reference in the two biggest cities in Brazil. It has a signature kitchen; an ongoing search to update what is considered standard in gastronomical principals, and to reposition culinary situations in this effervescent time we live in. The main force and chef behind Carlota is an old childhood friend, Carla Pernambuco. I just adapted one of her cookbooks, Basketful of (brazilian) Flavors to English. The book was published first in the mid nineties; and now, over 10 years later, it’s still current and fresh. She chef herself has redefined her path during a professional maturing process; however, she has launched new classics revisited by modern techniques.  From distant parts of the globe, she has produced combinations that awakened unexpected perceptions to the palate.  Her food inspirations travel anywhere from the hills of Minas Gerais to the mountains of Italy,  from villages in Vietnam to seedy bars in Rio.

Since the first edition, it was always the intention to compile most wanted recipes and Carlota’ style hits.  But Carla Pernambuco is a woman of the 21st century, mindful of the growing volume of data of a society surrounded by digital information.  From her basketful of wisdom, flavors, scents, colors, textures, techniques and mixtures, she’s created a trail of personal practices to (re)think culinary in a global way.  In ten chapters of curious, casual or celebratory anecdotes, culinary tidbits also propose creativity to everyday’s meals.  Essays filled with diligent observations gastronomy may provoke unfold into musings and spirited commentary that are divided by the themes of the book.  From bickering to celebrating, romancing to traveling, family recipes to unexpected combinations, there’s more than enough pleasure to be in the kitchen – or at the table.

Perhaps the perfect cookbook is the one proposed by Monteiro Lobato in A Reforma da Natureza, where a doll, Emilia, decides that Dona Benta’s cuisine volumes should have thousands of flavors; in a way the pages with recipes could be torn and –chomp! — eaten in a heartbeat by whoever was reading those pages. Carla Pernambuco still doesn’t reshape nature.  But she revamps what is signature food, in the same tradition of signature chefs.  After all, for a good cook all it takes is an ingredient the kitchen and an appetizing idea in mind.