Yellow Brick Road Magic


Four projects are currently in development with the magical figures of Oz. I know what they’re doing… Step 1) check out the ephemeris and, step 2)  find big anniversary, step 3) package it as a marketing gimmick and, 4)  there you have it, a development deal.
The iconic Oz with Judy Garland is going on 75 years in 2014, hence a flurry of Oz on TV.
Deadline reported that the producers of Elementary were developing a series for the CW  based on a book still to be launched, Dorothy Must Die (out in April of 2014). Now I read that NBC has purchased an Oz-themed drama called Emerald City from Siberia creator/show-runner Matthew Arnold. Another Universal channel (Syfy) is developing Warriors Of Oz, a miniseries. And of course we had Disney’s 3-D feature, Oz the Great and Powerful earlier this year.
On GMA this week, Lady Gaga, with no development deal and going through a rough time to make Applause a hit, dressed up as Dorothy It fell off the charts the next day.