doodle logo

Came to me as a surprise to see the creatives at Google intellectualizing they’re play with the logo as something pioneer and avant-guard. How fast can one forget MTV? One of the most powerful connections with youth was the irreverent play with the identity of the brand… the sacred logo! It was fun and it was the rise of the MTV merchandising. We’d kill for a unique t-shirt circa 87 no? So …no… Google Doodle is not a pioneer project.  Equally fun and equally creative; but far from original.

Michael Jackson is perfect pop

picture-12Michael Jackson dies at 50…He’s been gone a long time ago, dying slowly, but when it becomes to a sudden event, we’re shocked…It happened on thursday 25, in LA, as MJ died of a cardiac arrest. The media has been tough on Michael as of the past 5? 10 years?, and he’d been erratic and weird and bizarre to say the least; but on this relies the making of pop culture history and he is just perfect at it. Michael was the King of Pop. From teaching kids to sing at headstart ABC to changing the color of his skin, Ben to bizarre, and selling record millions and millions of albums, what an amazing career. This is a man that has changed pop culture forever. Probably there will never be another entertainment artist as big and as influential as him.

I was working at MTV in the 90’s and every Michael release was a commotion. Going through the making of pop culture, then and now, is a fantastic experience and for that I am grateful to be int he eye of the hurricane. And in true entertainment fashion, the power of music remains: not a single television or radio station across the globe is ignoring the fact. They are playing his music. The music remains. Michael Jackson’s pop is back….what a legacy! I shall grieve listening to two of my favorites: Leave me Alone and I’ll be there. No pun intended.