Best in Show 2017

Se alguém tivesse passado o ano em coma e acordado só agora com vontade de ver TV, a primeira série que eu recomendaria binge watch seria a excelente The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), seguida de Big Little Lies (HBO). As duas são adaptadas de livros de autoras de bestsellers, cada uma em seu tempo, e que hoje vivem um pequeno renascimento. Na TV, Big Little Lies, é um alívio de se ver: gente bem vestida, trilha ótima, locações incríveis. This Is Us, em sua segunda temporada ficou mais escura mas não menos bem escrita.  Game of Thrones ficou mais grandiosa, sem ligar a mínima para roteiro mas cada vez mais veículo de cultura pop. Depois viriam as comédias inglesas e inteligentes, como a genial Catastrophe, na terceira temporada, e Fleabag, que foi lançada no ano passado, mas qualquer um deveria ver de novo. Gostei muito de Mindhunter (Netflix) e de Manhunt (Discovery), The Americans (AMC) sempre foi boa, a israelense Fauda foi uma ótima surpresa. Mas quanto à qualidade do roteiro, da história, da consistência de personagem, tema e tudo mais: Better Call Saul (AMC) continua imbatível, sendo que um episódio em particular nesta temporada, Chicanery, chegou a ser shakespeariano!

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Best in Show 2016

The year that was we all want to see behind. But TV was good, extra good. Even when it looked back to events that happened 10 years ago, like The Trial of The Century or the ones in Stars Hollow. The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (FX) and Gilmore girls A Year in the Life (Netflix) were the best things on TV. We can immerse into any of those two worlds and pick up exactly where we all left off. Haven’t seen Black MIrror or The Girlfriend Experience, so that’s that.. But The Crown is fantastic, the best thing Netflix has done to date.
Jon Snow is alive, and Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon, but The Americans is still my favorite.  The Affair is still brilliant,  a lesson on character development.
From the new shows, This is Us (NBC) is great, especially after the dirt our president dragged us into, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Fleabag (Amazon) is really funny. And James Corden is brilliant, Carpool Karaoke is pop culture at its best. Stranger Things (Netflix)? good to binge and fun but a little too much ado about nothing.  On the non-fiction side, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown is absolutely fantastic.

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Mediterranean Plates

Mediterranean Plates

Isn’t it clever? This dishware collection inspired by the traditional ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet. A beautiful way to stick to a wholesome and well-balanced diet.  These plates were designed by Studio Natural for Marino Cristal are all about integrating healthy eating habits seamlessly into daily life. Each color dotted along the rims of the plates symbolizes a type of food such as green for fruits and veggies and blue for meat and fish, with each one in direct proportion to the appropriate ingredient ratio of each meal.

Yellow Brick Road Magic


Four projects are currently in development with the magical figures of Oz. I know what they’re doing… Step 1) check out the ephemeris and, step 2)  find big anniversary, step 3) package it as a marketing gimmick and, 4)  there you have it, a development deal.
The iconic Oz with Judy Garland is going on 75 years in 2014, hence a flurry of Oz on TV.
Deadline reported that the producers of Elementary were developing a series for the CW  based on a book still to be launched, Dorothy Must Die (out in April of 2014). Now I read that NBC has purchased an Oz-themed drama called Emerald City from Siberia creator/show-runner Matthew Arnold. Another Universal channel (Syfy) is developing Warriors Of Oz, a miniseries. And of course we had Disney’s 3-D feature, Oz the Great and Powerful earlier this year.
On GMA this week, Lady Gaga, with no development deal and going through a rough time to make Applause a hit, dressed up as Dorothy It fell off the charts the next day.

Dear Quentin, you are a genius.

Spike Lee is criticizing Quentin Tarantino because of a movie he refuses to see. Another boring non-controversy so typical of American hypocrisy! Oooh…there’s slavery… Ooooh…. there’s the “n word” repeated ad infinitum… Oooh….. you poor tainted soul!  QT rubs it in nicely, striking a chord where this self-indulgent nation is still so embarrassed. Slavery is as shameful as the holocaust, but “life is beautiful”; and like Benigni’s opus, Quentin creates a spaghetti western/buddy comedy around the horrors of slavery but where the black guy is the hero. It’s a tale of courage, love and decency.
Everything is clever in this movie. From the unlikely partnership of a slave set free (Django) and a German (Dr. King) as they go about bounty hunting together, to the unlikely loyalty of a despicable plantation owner (Calvin Candie) to his slave Stephen. And the (black) damsel in distress named Broomhilde. Calvin Candie is the dragon, comforts himself with the help, cites “Mandingo” (the black exploitation film from the 70′), worships his white sister and names a slave Dartagnan, like Dumas’, the (black) grandson of a Haitian slave. There’s cruelty, violence and blood galore. But it would not be Tarantino if it hadn’t. If Americans didn’t feel so entitled, it wouldn’t be a slap in their face.  But it is. And QT does it with guts, vibrantly, reciting and recycling every movie he has ever seen, and with a kick ass soundtrack. It’s so clever, that he even frees Germans from their embarrassment of being.

Buddies Django and King play out like our childhood heroes Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.


Bacon na TV

Não vai demorar muito, bacon vai ser tratado como iguaria tão requintada que vai fazer inveja à trufa! E nos EUA, onde o lugar do bacon é num pedestal, come-se bilhões de tonaladas por ano, nada mais consistente do que estrear uma série de TV de 12 episódios em busca da cozinha que oferece a criação mais “apetitosa, de dar água da boca e fazer o estômago rosnar”. Ony in America. E como eles mesmo dizem, mais self-indulgent impossível.  United States of Bacon acaba de estrear no Destination America e é um spin-off do especial de verão “O Bacon”.  O chef que apresenta o programa Todd Fischer percorre o país se lambuzando em bacon. E feliz. Ele é, ça va sans dire, bem acima do peso, sua muito e dispensa pérolas como “I want to wrap myself in bacon and sizzle”.  Nnao vejo a hora do novo livro de Michael Pollan sair, Cooked. Michael Pollan é aquele autor de Omnivore’s Dilemna que fez a gente nunca mais querer comer ovos que não sejam orgânicos e dispensar o milho para sempre  O bacon está presente diariamente em 53% das casas americanas.